Salad Dressings Tasting Sampler

Basil Olive Oil:  Fresh herb taste and so versatile! Use in Mediterranean cooking, in pesto, or to make Basil Vinaigrettes.

Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar:  Sweet, tart and rich, this balsamic is great in dressings, over fresh fruit or tomatoes.

Walnut Oil:  Great in vinaigrettes, ravioli, roasted veggies, soft cheese, and fruit.  Pairs well with all balsamics.  Try red apple, lavender, and raspberry, too!

Black Mission Fig Balsamic:  Sweet, rich and full of fig flavor. Perfect on salads with dark greens, salty cheeses, nuts/seeds and fruit!

Blood Orange Fused Olive OIl: With a lovely and creamy orange zest flavor, this fused oil will make dressings lively and fresh! Try with Peach Balsamic!

Peach White Balsamic: Tart, sweet and rich, this balsamic is great in marinades, fruit salsas, and on macerated berries.            

Salad Dressings Tasting Sampler
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