Winter Fun Tasting Sampler

Winter Fun has all the warming flavors you need.

Cinnamon Pear Balsamic: warm and spicy fruity balsamic pairs well with nutty or fruity oils for savory dishes or desserts.

Roasted Walnut Olive Oil:  Made in Samur, France using a 150 year old tradition has a mild flavor and pair well with all balsamics.

Vermont Maple Balsamic:  Made with 100% pure Veermont Maple syrup, this is a sweet addition to BBQ sauce or with rich meats.

Natural Butter Olive Oil:  Our dairy free natural and vegan butter favored oilis perfect to drizzle over popcorn on movie night.

Espresso Balsamic:  Complex layers of espresso and dark roasted coffee.  Pout over deserts like icecream or pound cake.

Blood Orange Olive Oil:  Pairs perfectly with other fruity flavors and deep rich flavors such as chocolate and coffee.

Winter Fun Tasting Sampler
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